We thank you for all you help, care and affection given during his recovery from knee surgery. We appreciate all your help.

Ashok G

Our Staff

Helping you to a speedy recovery.

Lynette Foskett
CEO/ Director of Clinical Services

In 2011, Lynette embarked on her journey with Alwyn Rehabilitation Hospital after dedicating 23 years to the public hospital sector. Her remarkable tenure has afforded her a wealth of experience and an intricate understanding of healthcare operations and strategy.

Lynette’s unwavering passion and her well-deserved reputation as a respected leader with a collaborative style and a keen focus on people have made her a cornerstone of our organization. At the heart of her dedication lies a commitment to ensuring that every member of the Alwyn team consistently delivers exceptional rehabilitation care.

Dr. Roxana Heriseanu

Inpatient Rehabilitation Specialist


Dr. Jaya Ganeshkumar

Outpatient Rehabilitation Specialist


Dr. Vimal Govind

Rehabilitation Registrar