Thank you all so much for the great care and attention you gave me during my recent stay.

Ruth C

Day Program

The aim of the Day Program is to provide a treatment service for those patients who are more independent and do not require in-hospital care.

Admission to the program is via the Rehabilitation Physician who will assess all patients. Patients must meet the following criteria to join the program:

  • Following an in-patient stay at Alwyn, patients are found to require ongoing care of two or more therapy disciplines.
  • Patients may be referred by their doctor or other specialists for review with the Rehabilitation Physician.

Other General Criteria:

  • The patient must be medically stable.
  • The patient has identified impairments and disabilities that can be minimised with active rehabilitation.
  • The patient must be willing to participate in an active rehabilitation program.
  • The patient’s cognitive ability allows them to actively participate in the rehabilitation program.
  • The patient must be able to arrange his or her own transport to and from the hospital.