My recovery from a hip replacement operation was immensely improved by my stay with you.

James B

Our Story

A cheerful, caring environment.

Alwyn’s History

In the mid 50’s Alice Donnelly RN was working at Highbury, a local Surgical hospital, when she was prompted by Doctors to start her own hospital providing her high standards of nursing care for their patients with medical conditions, and for patients requiring convalescence following a surgical procedure. Initially her sister Winifred partnered her in this venture, and facing the dilemma of naming their new hospital, which opened in 1958, they finally agreed on combining their names, Alice and Winifred, which became, with a little poetic licence, Alwyn. When Alice became ill in 1970, she was succeeded by her son Walter, who took over the management of the hospital. At that time there were six other hospitals within the municipalities of Strathfield and Burwood providing similar services, and the management at Alwyn sharpened their focus, moving into the field of Rehabilitation.

Bringing Rehabilitation to Sydney

The concept and role of rehabilitation was new to Australia, and Alwyn was one of the first Private Hospitals to provide this service in Sydney. Initially the team at Alwyn worked hand in hand with the since defunct rehabilitation service provided by Western Suburbs Hospital, but by 1984 they had employed their own Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist, and although Rehabilitation still remained unrecognised by many, including the Health funds, management persevered refining their systems and building their team. With only 26 beds the hospital has been regarded as tiny, but this perceived weakness is our strength. As a small hospital with a warm caring, family like environment for patients and team members, enabling all members of the team to work closely together.

60th Anniversary Celebrations

We recently celebrated Alwyn’s 60th year in November 2018.

Attached is a photo of the celebration (L to R) Heather Crichton Burwood Councillor, John Faker Mayor of Burwood, John Franta CEO/Director of Clinical Services, Jodi McKay Member of Strathfield and Liliana Marinucci Business Manager.


The quality of care is demonstrated by the high level of patient and doctor satisfaction and continous accreditation, intially with the Australian Council of Health Care Standards since 1989, then more recently under the National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards. This commitment is reinforced by a supportive, close-knit group of professional staff that have seen Alwyn at the forefront of many developments in the provision of Rehabilitation Services. They remain dedicated to providing the best service possible to those who trust themselves to our care.