To everyone who contributed to making Alwyn such a special place, I send you my sincere thanks and gratitude for looking after me so well, and making my stay so pleasant.

Diana B


Helping you to a speedy recovery.

Why Choose Alwyn?

Alwyn Rehabilitation Hospital offers you the care you need in a healing and pleasant environment. As a small hospital with 26 beds, Alwyn is the ideal size for individual attention required in rehabilitation. Alwyn offers specialised rehabilitation programs following:

  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Recent injury or accident
  • Acute phase of musculoskeletal disease
  • Back pain
  • Limitations in mobility
  • Neurological disorders.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a process that aims to maximise your recovery and independence after illness or injury. You, as the patient, are encouraged to consider what you need to be able to do to function safely at home, as this will form the basis of your rehabilitation.

Working with our team of rehabilitation practitioners, we will design a program to help you recover, and to effect a timely and safe discharge.