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Joy Mc

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Alwyn’s Response to Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Legislation.

All are welcome at Alwyn, we strive to provide holistic supportive care to all patients, families and loved ones.

Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation came into effect in NSW on the 28th November 2023. Alwyn does not support Voluntary Assisted Dying and will not provide these services to our patients.

Alwyn does not facilitate or participate in assessments undertaken for the purpose of accessing or making use of the interventions allowed under Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation (VAD), nor does Alwyn administer or facilitate the administration of a substance/s for the same purpose.

Alwyn will respond respectfully to anyone within our care who expresses a wish to explore or consider Voluntary Assisted Dying. We will listen to any patient who wishes to talk about their end of life care and we will treat any inquiries about VAD in a sensitive and respectful manner.