Thank you all so much for the great care and attention you gave me during my recent stay.

Ruth C

Staff Survey 2019

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Staff Survey 2019. Please complete this survey by 1 May 2019

At Alwyn, we aim to create and nurture an environment in which our most important asset – our staff – is valued and treated with dignity and respect.

This survey allows all our staff to have a voice and provides them with an opportunity to give constructive feedback and suggestions.

All staff are asked to completed the  Staff Survey 2019

Clinical Staff please also complete the Clinical Staff Survey

Managers and Supervisors are also asked to complete the Managers/Supervisors Survey

To complete the Surveys please click on the link below.

Staff Survey 2019

Clinical Staff Survey

Managers and Supervisors Survey


  • All survey are anonymous
  • The Staff Survey 2019 will take approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • The Clinical Staff Survey will take approximately 10 minute to complete
  • The Managers/Supervisors Survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete
  • Please complete each survey in one sitting
  • The majority of the questions just require a rating of 5-1 with 5 being excellent and 1 being unsatisfactory. Some questions are a Yes or No and some questions provide space for written answers
  • All questions must be answered for the survey to be completed.
  • Once you have completed all questions, please click the Done button at the end.



Please be assured that participation in our surveys remains anonymous and all information gathered from assessments is kept confidential.

Results, if published, will be presented in a graph format.