Today Tammy, one of our physiotherapists notched up 25 five years at Alwyn.

Tammy has seen many changes within the hospital from children, grandchildren, retirements, major building projects x 3, and the continual improvement of the hospital to what it is today. Tammy said in her reply speech that after she started Tammy was asked to walk into the new hydrotherapy pool to check the depth. Tammy’s head would have been under water at the shallow end so they had to build it up 3 times before the height was correct and the pool could be completed and filled with water.

The CEO, John Franta, congratulated Tammy on this incredible milestone. Tammy is very dedicated to her work and the patients and has always treated Alwyn like her own business. We could not ask anymore of an employee. Tammy received some flowers, a certificate and gift voucher.

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